A generic country love song

New record’s now been released and a couple of shows have been played. It’s been a lot of fun coming out to play again! Especially with this brand new rock machine of love.
Thanks to all who have supported in all the different ways!

And finally there was some time over to wrap things up and finish the I’m A Mess-video, that has been in the pipeline for quite some time. I’m A Mess is a story about love and broken hearts. It’s your generic country love song. Everybody has got to have them.

See you all at West Pride in a couple of weeks!


Releaseday for new album Accolades!

May 1st 2017 – and finally new album Accolades has surfaced! ‘Accolades’ is an album of thirteen songs about yearning for a home, finding permanence and durability. ‘Accolades’ is a war on the frailty of life and your everyday existential dubiety.

My very own version of ‘Chinese Democracy’, recorded over a period of nearly two years with efforts made by nearly countless of people. So proud of this milestone and so greatful to all the people  involved. Thank you all!

During this period of time, lots of things have happened of course. One of the best things was when my third daughter, Betsy-Lo, decided to make her entrance in this world by a surprise delivery on the sofa at home. One of the worst things happeing during this period of time was when Patrik, one of my eldest and best friends, decided to make his exit out of this world in springtime 2015. Two lifechanging events taking place within the same week.

The frailty of life.

We set out to record most of this record by ourselves and that was the main reason for it taking such a long time. The damnation of doing it yourself: there’s no one there to stop you from re-recording that fully acceptable guitar track that you just finished. Anyway, we had lots of fun doing this and learning by doing is my favourite approach.

During these years we’ve met with some fantastic people during different recording sessions. Also, during the same period of time, we’ve sadly lost some splendid people from the backing band. Furthermore, we’ve also met with wonderful people that have been incorporated in the band!

And as of now, Henke Wermelin & His New Love are ready to blast it fast and loud with a new record!


Accolades credits:

Henke Wermelin vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, autoharp, banjo, mandolin, pedal steel guitar (on Coming Home and Save Yourself)
Sarah Görsch vocals, piano, organs, rhodes, cello
Kalle Ederfors drums, percussion, vocals
Per Sundström trumpet
Jonas Hultberg saxophone
Mattias Gyllström trombone
Håkan Jansson bass
Josef Wikström electric guitars
Robin Söderhäll harmonica on Amends
Benny Jonsson pedal steel guitar on When We Move Back Home, I’m A Mess
Johan Ohlsson bass on I’m A Mess
Kristin Friedlitz violin on Save Yourself
Abbie Cardwell vocals on All Over Town Tonight